What a Lovely Photo

For the past five years or so, I’ll sporadically check the latest mugshots on www.thesmokinggun.com

I find it interesting to see which celeb did what, and more importantly…how normal, strange, or just stupid they look in their public shaming. Now, who doesn’t love a list? But instead of the wackiest (because let’s face it…Nick Nolte will ALWAYS win that award) photos, I submit my Top 5 Best Looking Celebrity Mugshots for your viewing pleasure!

#5 – Arrested in 2002 for domestic assault in Bexar County, TX. A freshly shaven head, gaze towards the rafters, and gold chain shining through the unbuttoned polo put Stone Cold in a rare class or good looking arrest photos.

#4 – What a great smile! PrimeTime was picked up in 1996 on charges of misdemeanor trespassing. But this wasn’t an attempted assault or break-in…this was fishing. Even better, this was fishing on waters owned by the Southwest Florida International Airport. After ignoring the posted signs and even a verbal warning, the Dallas Cowboy must have caught what he was looking for. Look at that happy face!

#3 – Closely resembling Uncle Rico, I wonder if Woody could’ve thrown a pigskin a quarter mile? Irregardless, in Columbus, OH of 1982, Mr. Harrelson was nabbed for disturbing the peace. While dancing in the streets, Woody evaded arrest, which was enough for the 21 year old “Cheers” star to open up his wallet and help the city fix some pot holes.

#2 – Arrested by Miami Beach police in 1999 for assault and battery. On whom? Then recent X, Dennis Rodman. A 6’10 black man vs. a 5’6 white woman seems like a pretty evenly matched dual. I’m assuming she won, and didn’t come out looking to bad in the end.

#1 – Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) wins the top spot for a few reasons. Notice the perfectly greased hair. Notice the pristine suit…with matching vest! Never before have I seen a mugshot look like a fashion shoot. I hope the designer of the suit was happy to have Bowie model this garment for New Yorks finest. It was 1976, and Ziggy (along with Iggy Pop) were arrested for felony pot possession.

* All photos courtesy of thesmokinggun.com