Justice Served?

I’ve watched with amazement over the past month (perhaps years) the character flaws of the NFL. Granted, with a 53-man roster opposed to an 11-man basketball, 20-man hockey, or 25-man baseball…football has the shear numbers to draw more negative headlines. Still, why aren’t we seeing more baseball players shooting themselves in the leg, or a dirty Canadian running an illegal dog fighting ring called, “Ya Wanna Go Kennels”?

Donte Stallworth served a single month in prison, receiving roughly $416,666 wearing bright orange instead of dingy brown (7-year deal worth $35 mil signed in 2008). He’s recently been banned from his profession for an entire year. By the way…he killed a guy! Plaxico Burress carried an illegal handgun into a Manhattan night club and forgot it came standard with a safety button. What if the bullet missed his leg, hitting that cocktail waitress he just tipped $250? As if anyone’s going to confront and harass a 6’6 black man in a New York, much less Manhattan club. You had a nice career Plax. At least all your boys will know you kept it real!

The Philadelphia Eagles just signed a man once worth $114 million to a 2009 salary of $1.6 mil. Arthur Blank is still sick about it.  His arrest was unconventional because he didn’t beat his wife, drive drunk, or even carry an illegal weapon. He didn’t harm people, he fought dogs; and he served two (2) years for doing so. According to our judicial system, his debt is paid and he’s fit to return as a rehabilitated citizen. He’s apologized countless times, lost countless millions, so the Eagles and the NFL are willing to accept him back.

But as I watched PETA protesters and animal rights activists protest against an already beaten man, I wonder what reaction Stallworth will receive when he returns? Did anyone picket outside the Izod Center in New Jersey after Jason Kidd beat his wife? I don’t remember many people up in arms after Michael Irvin came back to the Cowboys after his 3rd arrest for cocaine possession. Crap, he made the Hall of Fame as a convicted felon. Ray Lewis became a modern day “OJ” after beating a murder charge to become the face of the NFL for a time. Everyone knows he played a part in it.

So to all the Michael Vick haters, who as time passes, will fade away. Protest the athletes claiming lives, ruining others, and inflicting physical harm on human beings. We now know you exist, congrats. You’ve used Vick as a platform to put yourself on the map…now go make some real change. We haven’t heard from you since the conviction two years ago, and now you conveniently resurface. Tell these other organizations they’re not NEAR as passionate as you, and they need to take a lesson. Tell the family of Mario Reyes they sold out to a murderer and those second amendment rights should have tighter restrictions.

Motivate MADD to make more of a scene and tell the NRA-ILA to get their own Moses to rally the forces. Lay off a guy who’s paid the penalty and then some. There’s nothing he won’t do to help (by force now) your effort, so pick a fight worth fighting. This one is over.