Your Friend, Ardipithecus Ramidus (a.k.a. “Ardi”)

Never heard of him? He’s the latest research by scientists theorizing the evolution and history of mankind. I’m assuming the picture below was drawn from a police sketch artist during the ’92 L.A. riots, but the bones of this creature were found in Africa; Ethiopia to be exact. In fact, several bones have been found since the mid 70’s, “proving” that, as one scientist says, “human forebears walked upright that long ago (3.2 million years).” With Ardi it’s now believed humans started walking upright about 6-9 million years ago instead of 4-8 million. How bout that! You’ll have to excuse my urine soaked Dockers (as if I would really wear Dockers).


I’ll take this moment to tout a little documentary called, “Expelled” with your favorite high school teacher Ben Stein as narrator/interviewer. Rent it. Bueller…Bueller? Watch it. It’s way better than the Discovery channel’s, Discovering Ardi. And yes, I just finished watching it. Well, parts of it.

Now I’m not one to talk trash against science (only if it can’t be proven), but I just don’t understand how bones from perhaps a new species of monkey can change the thought process Darwinists have held for so long. Did they ever consider Sasquatch MIGHT originate from Ethiopia, Africa instead of the Pacific Northwest? Hey, it’s a thought.