“Attitude is Everything”

I don’t know who said it, but they’re partially right. Not sure I’ll give attitude 100% of the credit for success, but it certainly plays a large role. It’s common to see a bad/poor attitude derail someone with talent, someone with skills in a specific area, or someone who just doesn’t realize how behind they are because of their outlook on life. I wonder if we shouldn’t spend more time teaching this idea?

Then I’ve seen others will little talent, fighting an uphill battle in most all aspects of their life…but thier positive attitude seems to propel them forward. Go figure. I could reference dozens of successful people with crap backgrounds and even crappier upbringings, but what’s the point. Everyone knows Oprah’s story. But all of us personally know someone (a regular someone) who’s “made it” in life by having an upbeat disposition and outlook on things. They made the conscience decision to put on a smile and say, “I can” instead of beating their head against the wall.

A student once told me she’ll never be good at math because her mom sucked at it. I never knew sucking with numbers could be passed on genetically? (I’m sure some idiot scientist will tell me it can). Truth be told, her mom provided a nice cop-out for her daughter due to her own failings, and it’s warped her perception, affecting her attitude. Nice work, Mom. And I wonder how many people have the attitude they do by simple surroundings or messages passed on (either directly or indirectly)? Probably more than we realize.

With a society leaning more and more towards entitlement and finger-pointing, it’s time we put the focus on ourselves and find out what WE can do to better our situation. What messages can WE give ourself to accomplish something…what people can WE hang out with, read books written by, or hear speak that will help our cause? I plan on taking my own advice and spreading it to others. No one can help ME more than I can help ME. A lesson some of us learn too late.