When Effort Just Isn’t Enough

“E” for Effort – “Give it your best!” – “Hard work will always pay off”

I’d venture to guess you’ve met a challenge or two in your life. You’ve probably also been bested by one. Perhaps you’ve heard a teacher, coach, or parent tell you, “well, you just need to try harder“. Typically, this might be mentioned just after you failed to accomplish something. You may have even offered a cliche excuse/reasoning like, “I tried, but…”. Sometimes, your effort just isn’t enough.

Fact is, MOST people aren’t willing to put in the effort; they’re not disciplined enough to excel over others. Yet they’ll kid themselves into believing they truly gave it their all when they failed. Sometimes they may be right – most times they’re wrong. Because of the shear laziness of others, effort has proven victorious in too many areas. It’s paid off in sports, school projects, and even the business world. But effort isn’t enough if it’s directed the wrong way. You can try all you want, but without some smarts, knowledge, or wisdom – you’ll lose. Practice does NOT make perfect – you need perfect practice!

There’s a generation today who believe their effort (misguided, unharnessed, and unfocused) is good enough to win; good enough for the rest of us to give them credit. They’ll ask for a pat on the back or praise because they simply tried. Since when did just trying receive an award? People may tell you otherwise, but losing is often a good thing. Losing helps us understand things we did wrong. It assures us “that way” didn’t work – maybe there’s another solution. When we realize the direction our effort should go, then we’re on the right track.