Cause For Celebration

I suppose any determined group has been at the heart of a celebration or holiday. The Catholics figured chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs were a way to honor the world’s most miraculous event, while women all across America reserved Feb 14th for pampering and guilt trips. Sure, we need a holiday or celebration every now and then. There just aren’t enough birthdays to make a year go by faster.

The International Day of Slayer began on 6/6/06. Oh the irony. Since that date, Metalheads across the globe take off June 6th and rock out. Well, they may do more than that. I think Ronny James Dio is writing the cards for Hallmark as we speak. Today in Anchorage, AK are the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Every year the mightiest beards/moustaches assemble, for what, I’m not quite sure. Certainly there’s a blue or white ribbon awarded to those who’ve spurned their razor best, but if Rollie Fingers isn’t there, I ain’t going!


In a society that is obviously looking for more things to occupy thier time, it seems anyone can grab headlines by creating their own holiday/celebration. I can’t think of anything I’d personally like to crusade, but business owners take note. What a way to make a buck.

Scott and Will were hawking t-shirts at a Louisville, KY tattoo expo in July of 2002 when the heat took its toll and they began swapping lines from perhaps the best comedy ever written. Lebowski Fest 2009 is now touring 15 cities under the guise, “Speed of Sound Tour”. Genius. The idea of celebrating a movie wasn’t anything new. Star Trek conventions have garnered millions of dollars for pointy ears and orange spandex shirts. And I’d venture to guess Millennium Falcon’s are still being produced next to Chewbacca outfits in some mid-west warehouse.

As I conclude my first year of teaching there’s cause for celebration. My own holiday begins next Friday, May 30th. I’m not searching for some scheme to cash in on my special day (Six Flags has already done that), but I am amazed at the notoriety and income average people can gain by celebrating their passions.

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