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George Carlin passed away Sunday at the age of 71 in Santa Monica, CA. Carlin’s influence on comedy and comedians alike reaches almost every facet of what we see today. Finding humor in the most obvious area’s only seems obvious for those of us who didn’t think of it first. In many respects, Carlin did just that. Taking on western culture, the government, and other “taboo” topics, he created the framework for hundreds of successful comedians today.


Granted, he’s an over-the-hill-no-talent-hack of a shock jock, but Don Imus is just that…a Shock-Jock. He isn’t billed for his political prowess, insightful stock tips, or genius sports-mind. He’s on the ‘hot seat” once again for, you guessed it, racially insensitive remarks. Ahhh, but were they really THAT insensitive?

The comment (or rather question) was asked by Imus after hearing of Adam “Pac Man” Jones (that’s another blog entry altogether) and his arrest(s), “what color is he?” Upon being told he is black, Imus retorted, “Well, there ya go.”

Now, taking into account his previous thoughts on the Rutger’s womens basketball team, and the countless other off-color remarks he’s made over the years, you might think like Al Sharpton (let’s pray you never do), and demand Imus’ head on a Chinet paper plate. But…taking into account that the segmet airing before these comments was the injustice blacks receive in American society and w/i our prision system, it doesn’t seem to shocking after all.

Again, the man doesn’t sell millions in advertising to just talk about current events, making sure to stick with the facts. That game is in the hands of Katie Couric. He’s asked to draw an audience by creating comedy, pushing the envelope, and walking that fine line where it says, “You’ve Gone TOO FAR!!

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