Job Well Done

One of the foundations of retail is customer service. Go above and beyond what everyone else is doing and you’ll have a pretty good shot at seeing that customer again. The reason a store (any store) starts a business isn’t for a one-time sale. Even ReMax looks for your repeat business the next time you look to buy a home. But another key element of retail sales is word of mouth advertising/marketing. You can spend half your earnings trying to promote your business, but if you provide a sucky product/service, people can always find another option.

We recently had the pleasure of replacing the sewage pipes to our house. Fun. And, most likely a once (maybe twice) in a lifetime task. Let’s hope. I had been told of a place close by that offered 20 ft. PVC sections as opposed to the standard 10 ft. sections available at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Well without going into long, drawn out and boring detail, its refreshing to come across someone willing to go above and beyond.

Winnelson Plumbing on Commerical Blvd. in Fort Worth, TX can be contacted at 817-581-2230. They did their job so well I’ll never recommend anyone else when someones asks me about anything regarding their plumbing. They made two (2) separate trips by my house to drop off the supplies I bought and changed my purchase ticket after we adjusted our strategy and didn’t use certain pieces. Now I realize why I was told about them because I’ll be doing the same!

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