Purpose Driven

Everyone takes advantage of something that’s truly FREE. Too often things garnering the label are anything but. In the world of blogging and social networking all a person sacrifices is their precious, valuable time; as much or little as they desire. There aren’t any membership fees or monthly costs associated with Blogger, Facebook, or Myspace. All a person needs is, yes…a FREE email address. Granted, some people’s time is worth more than others, but for the average American, we’re willing to give up a segment or two for nothing aren’t we? Some may be willing to give up hours, others just a few minutes. Either way, I think there’s three purposes to blogging or social networking.

  1. Making Money
  2. Meeting people/staying connected with friends
  3. Getting thoughts/ideas off your chest

The smart ones have found a way to do all three. Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Heather B. Armstrong have (1) made money, (2) met new people, and (3) released information from their minds with the use of a FREE tool. Ten years ago their conquest wasn’t possible. The rest of us are either content with our purpose or strive to reach that first one…getting paid! I for one would love to make some extra cash, but what I have to say (like most bloggers) is worthless commentary on my surroundings. I enjoy doing it, but you’d be crazy to pay me for my thoughts here (but will you anyways?).


I won’t be able to say anything you can’t read in a book, watch on a program, or buy a dvd on. Yet I suppose I’m smart enough to find a niche in some field/category people are willing to listen, dare I say, even buy? I’ve seen websites out there making money with zero appeal, zero creativity, and little personality. Surely I can at least match that, maybe even surpass it. Just for fun, I’m currently enrolled in an internship which teaches tactics and strategy to internet marketing. I’m not spending a dime or going in with grandiose notions. I’m simply trying to learn something new. If my ideas (sure, I’ve got a few) are able to fit in with what I learn, why not try?

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  1. No…I will not pay you….yet….maybe you can turn your blog into an “app” and sell it for $1 or something. If you put farting noises into it, then it will increase the draw for boys. (at least that’s who I hope is buying all those apps)