Too Fat to Fly

Kevin Smith is a funny guy. He’s also a large man…perhaps too large. Now it’s quite normal for the more rotund people to be picked on in our society, nay, even shunned. But it’s an entirely more unique occurrence when a man with over 1 million Twitter followers is picked on. Or Tweeters? Maybe Twitter’ers? Whatever.

Southwest Airlines is no rookie to shock-wave media exposure. You might remember the girl booted for skimpy clothing back in 2007. While Smith laid into the airline for days on Twitter and his website (which he last titled a post, “Running Out of Gas on this Subject”), certain others believe Southwest was too polite in their treatment of a man “unable to safely fit into his airline seat”.

I just wonder what Delta, AA, or TWA told John Candy or Chris Farley back in the day? If you adhere to the words of Brendan F. Behan, “there is no such thing as bad press“, Southwest shouldn’t worry about Twitter’s influence. Oscar Wilde gave perhaps the best advertising advise when he said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” I suppose you have too admire a company willingly to look at the rules so objectively (and who still allow bags to fly free). It takes a lot of guts to stand down famous celebrities when you know a backlash is on its way. While I don’t agree with either quote regarding my personal life, I think it stands pretty true for big business in our society.

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